"Evolution of exhausted gases"

Exhausted gases redefined the Mine's way

In search of further evolution, this Exhaust system "SILENCE" has endless possibilities. An Exhaust to us is more than just a silencer.
Removing exhaust gases out of an engine is important to its overall performance and we use our extensive experience based on a vast amount of data stored by participation in N1 races.
The exhaust is not just a sequence of mufflers but needs to be coordinated with the engine pulse from the turbine until it leaves the back pipe. Reducing to the minimum resistance and pursuing the exhaust efficiency thoroughly, it was designed to increase performance and response throughout the complete rev range.
Usable increased power at the mid to high revs is enabled without ruining spoiling the torque at low rpm.

Matching the Mine's ultimate Exhaust system with VX-ROM gives more than the sum of its parts in the overall performance package.

Please enjoy the beauty and professionalism of Mine's ultimate Exhaust system.