Voice of our customers

Nissan Skyline BNR34

Owner: Mr.Christian Pilz
Country: Vienna, Austria

The car is as astonishing as you might think it is when seeing it in videos such as "Best Motoring". That is probably the first footage non-japanese get to see. The power is massive and it's always hard for me and my co-drivers to stop smiling for the rest of the day after giving the Mine's BNR34 full-throttle. But once you get to know the car more and beyond just the amazing acceleration you can see the real value which lies within. The drivability is astonishing, it is really smooth and easy to drive.
It almost feels like riding on rails - just that you have to leave them to overtake other cars all the time. There are hardly any that won't get to see your muffler - and the flames it likes to exhaust.

Overall the car more specifically the VX-ROM is just - without exaggeration - a masterpiece. It's so responsive that you feel like driving an N/A car, with the power of two turbochargers. The chassis is extremely stiff thanks to the strut brace found under the hood, in the trunk and even under the car. Overall I can say that this is a perfect track car and after two years I still enjoy riding it as if was the first time on track.

Nissan Skyline BCNR33

Owner: Mr.Jamal Milsapp
Country: Chicago, USA

My first impression of the BCNR33 was good.It is not the most popular of all the Skyline models and it is rarely talked about.Few may think that it is a disappointment to the GTR line.I never thought so. They saw the R33's potential and brought it out with their VX-Rom.

When I first took my car to Mine's it was completely stock.My first order was to install the VX-Rom as the base line and overhaul the engine.

I've heard of the wonders that Mine's does with GTRs and wanted to see some magic.I felt it when I drove the car after the install. Anyone that installs a VX-Rom will feel a difference immediately! The VX-Rom has significantly improved the acceleration response, boost pressure control,idling, rev and speed limiter. Note that other upgrades were required to really bring outthe VX-Rom's true power.

Thanks to Mine's I am a proud owner of a BCNR33! I am a also firm believer of their motto: imple is best.nbsp;I like the stock look. My car reflects the type of person I am. "A wolf in sheep's clothing.