Modern vehicles now use far more advanced Hitachi SH7059 microcomputer than SH7058 one, with over ten times the data and many more parameters.
Accordingly, tuning these ECUs becomes a very difficult, highly skilled and time consuming process, but make us enjoy the benefits of naturally-aspirated engine at the same time.

The electronic throttle is one of the technologies we are focusing on.
By combining the Mine's High Flow Throttle System with a customized VX-ROM ECU's which we are well known for, you can feel the increase in response and power available to throttle imputs and there is an audible increase flow characteristics in the cabin to reinforce the increased power under the right foot, as if the driver-vehicle interface can be achived.

In addition, although VX-ROM is reprogrammed based on the stock specifications, it has special programming that can adapt to further modifications, such as air cleaner, big throttle body, downpipe, Y-pipe, and catback exhaust muffler, and that make you feel the increased throttle response at the low to mid engine revs with greater torque equaling better pulling power.

[ VX-ROM Specifications for Z34 ]

Electronic throttle data has been changed

CVTC (Continuous Valve Timing Control) has been changed

eVTC (Electronic Valve Timing Control) has been changed

Speed Limiter Control has been changed

Rev limiter Control has been changed

Fuel map has been changed

Injection and ignition timing has been reset

Learning and Emission Control have been retained

Fuel economy and throttle response have been increased still maintaining the drivability and reliability

Based on the factory ECU


We create your VX-ROM based on your factory ECU to retain the original immobilizer function.