Z33 VX-ROM is to enjoy the benefits of naturally-aspirated vehicle.
Not only we seek more power, but also improve response and drivability.
When we have finished we have improvements in all areas, ultimately making a usable but increased performance car. We take tuning to being an art form.

[ VX-ROM Specifications for Z33 ]

Speed Limiter Control has been changed

Injection and ignition timing has been reset

Fuel economy and throttle response have been increased

Rev limiter has been increased from 7000rpm to 7200rpm for MT vehicle

Electronic throttle data has been changed

CVTC (Continuous Valve Timing Control) has been changed

eVTC (Electronic Valve Timing Control) has been changed


This eVTC control has not been changed for some Z33 with VQ35DE engine.

Learning and emission control has been retained

Based on the factory ECU


We create your VX-ROM based on your factory ECU to retain the original immobiliser function.



Immobilizer registration would be required if you reuse your factory ECU.